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Greensboro Credit Union for the
Citizens of Greensboro and Guilford County

Rates & Fees

Effective as of: 12/31/2018
Share Accounts
Membership Fees$1.00
Excessive Withdrawal Fees$3.00 each over 3 per month
Two Party Check$2.00
Garnishment/Tax Levy$25.00
Closing Account in 90 days or less$25.00
Minimum Balance Fee if Balance falls below $25$1.00 per month
Verification of Deposit/Mortgage$25.00
Share Draft Accounts
Draft OrderVaries by Style of Check Selected
NSF Charge$30.00 per draft
Photocopy of drafts$3.00 per draft
Stop payment on Share Drafts$20.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee$5.00 after 3 free per month
Reconcile Share Draft Account$25.00
Extended Overdrawn Balance Fee$10 after having a negative balance for 3 days
ATM/Debit Card
Over 5 transactions per month at ATM Machine$1.00 each
New PIN Numbers$5.00
Replace lost/stolen card$5.00
Other Miscellaneous Fees
Stop payment on Credit Union Checks$35.00
Returned checks deposited at Credit Union$15.00
Return Mail$2.00 per piece
Inquiry Fee$2.00
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