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Vehicle Loans Investment Rates Lending Rates Fees

Effective as of: 03/31/2020
Account Close/Reopen (90 days)$5.00
Account Reconciliation (minimum 1 hour)$25.00 per hour
Account Research (minimum 1 hour)$25.00 per hour
ATM/Debit Cards Transaction/Inquiry (first 5 transactions are free)$1.00
Check Cashing non-member per check$5.00
Copy of Check Fee $3.00 each
Copy of Statement Fee$3.00 each
Copy Service$1.00 per page
Copy of History Printout$1.00 per page
Debit Card / ATM Replacement$5.00
Debit Card Replacement (expedited)$50.00
Deposit Item Returned (3rd Party) $30.00
Dormant Fee (non-refundable) after 12 months of no activity$5.00 per month
Fast Cash Loan Application (non-refundable)$25.00 per application
Fax Service$1.00 per page
Garnishment / Tax Levy $25.00
Non-sufficient fund fee (ACH, Share Draft, Debit Card, ATM)$30.00
Credit Union Check (other than payable to self)$2.00
Overdraft Transfer fee (after 3 free per month)$5.00 per transaction
Return Mail Fee$2.00 per piece
Stop Pay on Credit Union Checks$35.00 per check
Stop Pay (Share drafts)$35.00 per check
Verification of Deposit / Mortgage$25.00
Negative Balance Fee (account balance negative 5 days or more)$30.00
Notary (Non-Member) per signature$5.00
Verification of Deposit/Verification of Mortgage$25.00
Check OrderingActual Cost
Club Early Withdrawal and/or Transfer Per Transaction$10.00
Withdrawal from Shares in Excess of 3 Per Month$3.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee (Per Transaction)$5.00
Negative Balance Fee (account balance negative 5 days or more)$30.00
Membership Below $5.00 (Immediately/Monthly)$5.00

Joining is Simple!

An account may be opened by filling out a membership card and producing picture identification and a Social Security Card. Membership Cards are available at each office. The minimum balance required is $5.00. Your family may join as well, which also includes persons living in the same residence.

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